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The Easy Eye Tracker TM Reading Tool Patent Pending

 and  the  Guided Decoding Strategies  


Children and adults with reading disabilities now have a handy tool to help them focus on single letters, syllables, or words in a line of print.  Visual distractions on the page are reduced and left to right eye tracking is made easier allowing the struggling reader to attend to the reading process itself. 

The fully illustrated instructions show how to use the device, and, describes the Guided Decoding method for using The Easy Eye Tracker Reading Tool to teach struggling readers how to break words apart for "sounding out", link letters or letter groupings with their speech referents, and to blend sounds together for reading words.       

What kids say about the Easy Eye Tracker.......

 "It helps me read step by step"  Emma

"I can see the letters better"  Colton

"It's great; I can read now!"  Emeri

Reading Made Easier!

The Easy Eye Tracker Reading Tool is a two piece, plastic page overlay.  The bottom piece has a rectangular window that is used to frame a line of print .  The unique shape of the top piece, the Rotary Slider, allows the reader to expose one letter at a time across an entire line of print.   At no time is the reader distracted by other print on the page.

Two tabs are used to move the Rotary Slider, one for the reader and one for the reading assistant.  If needed, the reading assistant (parent, teacher, peer) can control the speed at which letters, syllables or whole words are exposed to match the reader's decoding capabilities.  Accuracy in decoding is ensured and fluency in reading increases as a result.    

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